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2015, November – Creative Review Jonathan Barnbrook discusses his latest collaboration with David Bowie for the artwork of ★.

2015, November – It’s Nice That Jonathan Barnbrook talks us through designing David Bowie’s ★ album artwork.

2014, October – NME Jonathan Barnbrook discusses the design behind David Bowie’s Nothing Has Changed sleeve artwork.

2014, September – Design Museum Profile on Jonathan Barnbrook.

2014, August – Grafik Magazine Interview with Barnbrook’s Marwan Kaabour discussing the design of Disobedient Objects.

2014, July – The Double Negative Jonathan Barnbrook interviewed during his participation at Designival 2014.

2013, November – Creative Review Jonathan Barnbrook explains the process behind the design of Penguin’s restored edition of A Clockwork Orange.

2013, March – Clash Magazine Jonathan Barnbrook explains the design of David Bowie’s The Next Day.

2013, March – Creative Review Barnbrook’s Jon Abbott discusses the design of the David Bowie is catalog.

2013, January – The Guardian Article on why David Bowie’s The Next Day album cover is a masterstroke.

2013, January – Art Ukraine Magazine Interview coinciding with Barnbrook’s branding of Mystetskyi Arsenal.

2012, May – Creative Review Barnbrook studio discusses the identity for Kiev’s Arsenale 2012.

2012, January – The Guardian Jonathan Barnbrook explains his design for the Occupy London logo.

2010, October – MyFonts Jonathan Barnbrook is interviewed about his passion and interest for typeface design.

2010, October – Design Indaba The organisers of the famous South African conference ask Barnbrook 20 Questions.

2007, July – The Design Observer Adrian Shaughnessy reviews Barnbrook Bible.

2007, June – Creative Review Various well-known British designers put questions to Jonathan Barnbrook.

2006, June – Ping Mag Interview about social responsibility in design.

2000, Winter – Eye Magazine Feature on Barnbrook’s design for a series of screenprints for Damien Hirst.

1994, Winter – Eye Magazine Rick Poynor interviews Jonathan Barnbrook.

1993, Winter – Eye Magazine Jonathan Barnbrook talks about drawing letterforms on the computer.

Typographer.org Interview conducted at the no-longer-updated typography website.



2013 – Victoria and Albert Museum Jonathan Barnbrook discusses the process of working with David Bowie.

2011 – Typetalk at PCNA Pete Mccracken interviews Jonathan Barnbrook in Portland.

2010 – Biennale of Sydney Jonathan Barnbrook gives a talk by and about his artworks at the Biennale of Sydney.