Barnbrook at ADF


This weekend sees the opening of the Anti-Design Festival. A very exciting event organised by Neville Brody and his studio which aims to reclaim design back to be become a meaningful culturally relevant activity. It runs at the same time and in opposition to London Design Week. The event is centred around Redchurch Street in Shoreditch with the main exhibition in the Londonewcastle gallery

As you would expect Barnbrook are putting their opinion out to all and sundry, having created 4 pieces especially for the show. Our work – one animation and a series of three posters – deal with the issue of what ‘anti-design’ actually is. What is the opposite of design? is it chaos? and is our problem in what we expect design to be able to do in everybody’s lives? The posters are exhibited in the main gallery space and will be available to purchase next week with the proceeds going to help the relief effort in Pakistan. The animation played on old TV’s in the gallery is created in one typeface at one size, utilising almost a thousand gifs.