Barnbrook is proud to announce our latest digital work: the online presence for Blain|Southern, an international gallery representing some of the world’s leading contemporary artists. Launched by the influential founders of Haunch of Venison, Harry Blain and Graham Southern, the gallery represents artists such as Mat Collishaw, Anton Henning, Bill Viola and Rachel Howard.

Intended to be the ultimate resource for artists represented by Blain|Southern, the site is clean, simple and easy to navigate. Based on a flexible grid/column system and characterised by the use large images, the design brings the artwork to the fore.

The home page and artist pages draw content and related information from elsewhere in the site, giving the site an ever changing feel.

As well as viewing information about artists, you can peruse an archive of exhibitions held by Blain|Southern in any of their locations.

A slideshow viewer simulates the uncluttered viewing experience of a gallery space.

To see more visit the Blain|Southern site.

Programming by Raffi Jacobs.