Bourgeois at the Movies



Following on from a previous blog post earlier this month, Film’s Favourite Font?, we recently came across another of our typefaces being used on a Movie poster.


Bourgeois has been spotted by Yves Peters in a recent article on the font feed. Yves writes “The poster for Steven Soderbergh’s latest, The Girlfriend Experience, kicks all kinds of ass. The image treatment is fascinating, with another image invading and violating the girl’s close-?up portrait through a pattern of dots similar to a half-tone pattern. It is reminiscent of the gorgeous androgynous mesh of Louise Rhodes’ and Andy Barlow’s faces inside the CD booklet of What Sound by Lamb.

The square sans used at the bottom of the poster is not Bank Gothic nor its usual replacement FF Oxide, but quite unexpectedly Jonathan Barnbrook’s Bourgeois, an exquisite choice. And that bar code – it possibly relates to the commerce of sex, prostitution being the main theme of the movie – adds that certain je-ne-sais-quoi to the design. Lovely, lovely..”

Thanks Yves!