Designers for Japan


Like most people we were horrified by the effects of the earthquake and tsunami on northern Japan. As a studio we have particularly strong links with Japan – many of our clients are Japanese – and we felt compelled to do something to help. We have joined forces with a number of other designers to form Designers for Japan, with an aim of aiding relief efforts and expressing our love and respect for our friends and colleagues in Japan. At the moment that means selling of prints and sending the proceeds to organisations like the Red Cross, but in future, it could become something else. Designers for Japan is intended to be an open, collaborative project; there are many ways to get involved and if you feel that there are better ways that we can help, you can suggest those too.

More information can be found on the Designers for Japan website.

To donate to the Japan Tsunami Appeal, visit the Red Cross website.

Designers For Japan is: Jonathan Barnbrook, Mark Blamire, Neville Brody, Patrick Burgoyne, Rei Inamoto, Gavin Lucas and Graham Wood. A full list of contributing artists can be found on the Designers for Japan website.