iPhone Wallpapers on Virus



New to the downloads page of our store section this month, we have a selection of free new iPhone wallpapers for you to jazz up your beloved telephone (meaning you can take it out and look at it even more the 30 second intervals that you do at the moment).

There are four wallpapers (shown below), clockwise from top left they are called Hopeless Virus, Apocalypso Bang!, Virus Swear and Virus Meme. Hopeless Virus features a capital V from our recent new font, Hopeless Diamond. Bang! turns your mobile phone into an explosive device using a pictogram from the popular Apocalypso series. Virus Swear features a visualisation a swear word. The illustration was made using parts of the typeface Tourette. Virus Meme is a design based around the idea of a meme. Simplified, a meme is a cultural idea which is passed from person to person through speech, gestures and rituals.