John Foxx and The Maths: The Shape of Things


We are proud to announce our design of the latest John Foxx and the Maths Album: The Shape of Things.

The Shape of Things is the follow up album to Interplay and we wanted to keep the same strong graphic style. Influenced by 1960s paperback novels and infographics from the 1970s, with a modern twist. Instead of cold statistical analysis though, the diagram on the cover presents a positive human emotion in a simple graphic way: optimism for the future. This is a statement in relation to the album which is much darker in tone than Interplay.

The inside is based on early manuals from analogue synthesisers which were used for the making of the music. These were based directly on photographs taken in Benge’s studio where the album was created. Other parts of it use photos of 1950s supercomputers, speculating that ‘the Maths’ might not be a group of people at all but a machine somewhere that is calculating all of the music and the emotion in it.

The album is available exclusively through John Foxx’s online store.