Just My Type


Barnbrook are pleased to announce our latest work: two cover designs for the paperback version of Simon Garfield’s bestselling book, Just My Type. Not just a font book, but a book of stories about how Helvetica and Comic Sans took over the world, Just My Type is a throughly enjoyable read for anyone interested in or enthusiastic about typography.

Following our previous work for Profile books and our screen-print to publicise the hardback edition of JMT, Barnbrook were approached to update the cover for the paperback version. We loved the design of the original hard back cover but publishers Profile wanted to give it a more contemporary twist. We scoured numerous font libraries for the perfect combination of typefaces and produced one design printed in two colour versions: fluorescent inks on a black or metallic silver background.

For more information in Just My Type, visit Simon’s website or read this review in the Guardian.