Milton and I



You may not have seen it in if you haven’t checked out our links section, but in 2003 I had a rather interesting telephone conversation with Milton Glaser about how we can make a difference as designers in society .

A transcript of the conversation is here on the Indanda magazine website. The younger designers may not know his work so well, but for me Milton Glaser is an example to us all – not only has he worked with integrity for his whole design career, but because he was a leading influence on me in showing that an individual can be active and honest in their work, when the people who were getting attention were the blander design companies. He also combined graphic design with drawing typefaces which are very much his personal voice. You will note the one above is very similar to the one used on the Patrick Caulfield headstone in the previous post

Oh yes and he was one of the main designers who defined the whole look of the 1960s.