New iPad Wallpapers on VirusFonts


Quite why you really need yet another apple product in your life Steve Jobs only knows, but it appears that you do. And just incase it was feeling neglected while all your other screens brandish delicious VirusFonts wallpapers, we have a new selection available for the iPad.

The designs (clockwise from top left) are as follows:
1. Litmus is based on the colours found on the pH scale, with a nod to the colourless, odourless, yet explosive gas – Hydrogen. Litmus also relates to the figurative, decisive indicative test which is often applied to the political process.
2. Hebetude is based on ethargy and insipidity; a living coma that people go through their day subjected to. Hebetude makes use of the monospaced qualities of Coma in its apparent repetition.
3. Coalition incorporates both the unprecedented nature of the new government and the rotating feature of the iPad, depicted as the inner workings of a mysterious machine.
4. Trident, showing both the terrible power and beauty of a nuclear deterrent, includes numerous editions of the Trident II D-5 missile arranged in a floral composition that is also intentionally phallic.

To download, just head for the VirusFonts Downloads page.