Opening Tomorrow: Wim Delvoye


Opening tomorrow at The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Australia is an exhibition of the work of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. We are pleased to announce that we have designed the book published to accompany the exhibition, details of which will be revealed soon.

MONA, located in Hobart, Tasmania, is the brainchild of maverick art collector David Walsh and features everything from African art to multimedia installations. Delvoye’s pieces in the MONA collection provoked such a reaction that Walsh decided to hold a larger exhibition of his work. Delvoye’s diverse work ranges from machines that digest food (the Cloaca series) to a tattooed man who has been sold as an artwork (Tim).

We worked in close collaboration with Wim’s studio to produce a book which will be available from the MONA bookshop.