Supervisions: Korean Artists & Designers in the UK


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Mr Barnbrook is quite well known in Korea, as a graphic designer of course but mainly for the exhibition he had in Seoul where he was one of the few foreign visual artists/designers to tackle the issue of North KoreaSo its good to see the opposite happening with Korean artists exhibiting here and taking on issues that affect UK citizens. One of the themes of Supervisions is surveillance and this is expressed in many forms in the work.

The show is on at the Korean Cultural Centre in London, it’s a relatively new place I think many Londoners don’t know about. The gallery (and other branches around the world) is government funded and promotes Korean culture.

Despite the government backing and the rather pedestrian looking web site, the curating is no way safe. It’s run by young staff that have a quick turnover of lively exhibitions which are both radical and accessible. A visit is thoroughly recommended. Designers will find some very interesting conceptual design works. Its on until 6th February more info is available here.