The Cult of Virus


Various members of the Cult of Virus have been sending in their spots of Virusfonts, found in weird and wonderful places around the world.

First up is Sarcastic, found in Tony and Guy’s magazine Essensuals. It looks rather nice don’t you think?

Then we have a couple of Mason found in very different places. The first was found on Tim Burton’s book The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy; the second on the amusingly named Oktoberfest beer (brewed in California).

Another old favourite, Exocet finds it’s way on to a Tattoo book and – in a quite different use – some rather nice looking herbal teas.

Finally, we have an elegantly designed sign for the San Francisco American Conservatory Theater’s War Music. Splendid!

Thank you very much to Izzy Way, Jesse Lee Stout and Amelia Nardinelli for sending those in. If you want have any uses of Virusfonts you have seen please email then to us at