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Visiting North Korea can be challenging

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You will not have the freedom to explore the country without a North Korean escort

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Citizens of South Korea are normally not permitted to visit North Korea. In addition, there have been reports of difficulties regarding Israeli, American and Japanese nationals

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In January 2010, North Korea lifted the restrictions on American citizens who are now free to visit at any time of the year – but they are not allowed to travel by train (especially the train to Beijing) or to participate in homestay-programs

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Citizens of all countries will need a visa

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This will only be issued after your tour has been booked

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Journalists (or those suspected of being journalists) require special permission, which is quite difficult to obtain. The North Koreans do not allow journalists to visit the country on tourist visas

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A specialist North Korean travel agency can help you sort out the complex and ever-changing regulations. North Korea will rarely in practice refuse a visa to a tourist who meets the various requirements

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A tourist will rarely ever get rejected

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(unless you show that you are of political status or a journalist)