Virus DejaVu Serif Regular

It comes on without warning.

Virus DejaVu Serif Italic

It can happen at any time, in any place, with any one.

Virus DejaVu Serif Bold

Suddenly, you get that eerie feeling of "I've been here before."

Virus DejaVu Serif Bold Italic

Yet, you are certain that this is the first time you have ever set foot in such a place.

Virus DejaVu Sans Extra Light

French for "already seen"

Virus DejaVu Sans Regular

déjà vu is one of the most widely reported

Virus DejaVu Sans Oblique

yet least understood, anomalies of the mind.

Virus DejaVu Sans Bold

Is it merely a brain slip, or the clue to some-thing more

Virus DejaVu Sans Bold Oblique

perhaps a true paranormal experience?

Virus DejaVu Mono Regular

Or perhaps a fleeting vision of a past life

Virus DejaVu Mono Oblique

or even a parallel life in another dimension, another universe.

Virus DejaVu Mono Bold

Think of the incredible possibilities!

Virus DejaVu Mono Bold Oblique

Are we indeed living double lives?