Typographic Machine by Tom Foulsham


wiggle table gill

I have linked to a little film of an amazing typographic contraption I saw last week in an exhibition by Tom Foulsham called The Table That Can Tell Stories And Other Contraptions at Minnie Weisz studio.

The ‘wiggle table’ (as explained to me by an enthusiastic Minnie and Tom), relies on the user drawing a line on the page. The machine then either takes a live newsfeed from the bbc news website or a person typing in and creates the typography by moving the table under their pen. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you have mastered it the result are both highly experimental and engaging. The live newsfeed in particular creates an almost séance-like experience to the typography as though someone is receiving messages from the another dimension. Tom did a great deal of work investigating the best way to get the letterforms to work, I think it’s a highly original project.

There is some of his other amazing machines in the exhibition also. So I would recommend if you have chance to go and see it. Details here (click on ‘mwstudio’). its in a lovely gothic arch by St. Pancras Station and it finishes on 13th December. Toms web site with further works plus animations of the alphabet is here.

They are looking also looking for the machine to tour some places, so if you are interested please contact them at mw@minnieweisz.co.uk