WebFonts from VirusFonts and FontDeck


We are proud to announce our partnership with webfont service FontDeck, bringing you VirusFonts for the web for the first time. With exciting new developments in browser technology, no longer are you restricted to the choice of a handful of typefaces that are installed on your computer. That means you can use VirusFonts on your website to bring a unique, esoteric or subversive typographic voice to your online presence.

Easy and Free to use

FontDeck is easy to use; with just a few lines of CSS you can link to a font and display text in the typeface you require. As FontDeck hosts the font files, all the different browser complications are handled and the latest version of each font is delivered quickly and reliably from their worldwide network of servers.

If you are a designer or developer wanting to test out fonts, you can try any number of fonts for free on your local machine, development environment or staging server. Once you’re ready to go live, you can license individual fonts at competitive prices.

Universal, Fast and Reliabile

FontDeck has great browser support. Their technology works on all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox 3.5+, Safari 3+, Chrome, Opera 10+, Android, Blackberry and Apple iOS devices (the iPhone & iPad).

FontDeck operate a superfast network. Their technology partners, OmniTI, have worked with companies such as National Geographic, UltraDNS and Friendster to design applications that scale. That means no matter how big your website or volume of traffic, you can rely on FontDeck to deliver fast and effective fonts.

Quick to set up

Start by creating a free account, then find your perfect VirusFont add it to your website. Fonts can be viewed for free by up to 20 unique users, then when you’re ready to go live sign up to use the font on unlimited local domains and unlimited sub-domains. Prices are per year, per font, and allow unlimited bandwidth and a generous 1 million monthly page views.