Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black

Thames & Hudson

Amy Winehouse left a lasting mark on both the music industry and pop culture with her talent and iconic look. ‘Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black’ is published by Thames & Hudson a decade after the artist’s untimely death. The story of her life and career told through photographs, memorabilia, and recollections from those who knew her best, put together by her close friend and stylist Naomi Parry.

For the design, we focused on Amy’s iconic make-up, in particular the very recognisable look of her eyeliner. The typography and letterforms echo this shape with their stark, spiky swashes and are used in different variations throughout the book. The page layout is very contemporary in style to put her at the centre of today, showing how her influence and relevance are bigger than ever. The cover uses a close-up of Amy’s eye with eyeliner, it’s instantly her when you see it. Strong, simple, and calculated to stand out.

It was a pleasure to work on a book about someone who made a path easier for so many after her. Someone who is local to our studio – we are a short walk away from her house and the area is full of her influence and resonance. Who was so full of natural talent that it was an absolutely magical experience to watch her perform, and who since her passing has continued to inspire and bring pleasure.