Unexpected Pleasures

Design Museum

Unexpected Pleasures: the Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery, curated by Dr. Susan Cohn, featured two hundred unique pieces of contemporary jewellery — a movement which sits at the intersection between art, design, fashion and craft.

The space designed by Louise Martin and Ab Rogers of Ab Rogers Design allows visitors to pass through the exhibition in a non-linear manner. In order to provide orientation for visitors we colour-coded each section. The colours are found on captions and laser-cut powder-coated hanging signs.

There are no freestanding graphics — everything is attached to a case, a wall, or hung from the ceiling  to provide a clutter free viewing space. Two sections feature circular cluster cases with no start or end, so rather than label the pieces 1-6, we used a series of icons. It is these icons that flow around the title graphics and appear on the front of the book.

We conceived the exhibition graphics, book and the publicity material for the show. The font used for the main title is the first usage of our typeface Doctrine Stencil.