Fit: Alternative London 2012 posters


Fit  was an exhibition of London 2012-inspired posters by contemporary British-based graphic designers. It was put together by Jonathan Barnbrook and Vaughan Oliver. The show highlighted the creativity and innovation of the UK’s graphic design sector, which had been ignored by the Olympic committee when commissioning the official Olympic Posters. Barnbrook produced two posters for the exhibition.

Other contributors included Ian Anderson, Phil Baines, Bibliotheque, Neville Brody, Catherine Dixon, Fuel, Graphic Thought Facility, Angus Hyland, Alan Kitching, Jeremy Leslie, Domenic Lippa, Morag Myerscough, Vaughan Oliver, David Pearson, Michael C Place, Jake Tilson, Tomato, Why Not Associates, Matt Willey, Marina Willer, Graham Wood and Michael Worthington.

The exhibition was hosted by Central Saint Martins in Kings Cross, London.