Editions Seuil

As part of the band Indochine’s 40th anniversary, French publishing house Editions Seuil worked with us to create a definitive book on their life and career, featuring a range of unique ephemera and photography drawn from the band’s archives, much of which has never been seen before.

Working directly with Nicola Sirkis, co-founder and lead singer of the band, the book evolves graphically with the distinct phases of the band’s story, charting their rise from an early loose concept to their modern-day standing as part of French cultural history.

The book’s meticulous exploration features Nicola’s personal insights and is co-written by Rafaelle Hirsch Doran plus a range of contributing essayists. For the design, the first part collages archival photographs and handwritten notes from Nicola’s childhood. Following this, the formative, hedonistic days of the band’s explosion into the mainstream are presented with tighter, more frenetic layouts. Finally, the latter, more mature phase of the band utilises a cleaner, more open design as the content becomes more self-contemplative.