Mystetskyi Arsenal: Arsenale 2012

Mystetskyi Arsenal

Branding for the First Kyiv Biennale of Contemporary Art at Mystetskyi Arsenal. Structured around four hubs devised by the Artistic Director David Elliott: The Restless Spirit, In the Name of Order, Flesh and The Unquiet Dream. The exhibition themes reflect on utopian dreams of freedom, equality, and security – as well as on their opposite: terror, inequity and war.

Rather than a fixed logo, the design employs a bespoke open-source typeface that reflects the international scope and diverse array of art represented at the Arsenale. MA Vujade draws in alternative letterforms, analphabetic characters, icons and symbols from DejaVu font to create a typeface that cycles through a selected glyph palette for each character in both Latin and Cyrillic, causing a change in the tone of the text as it’s typed.