Schiaparelli and the Artists

Published by Rizzoli on the occasion of the couture house’s ninetieth anniversary, Schiaparelli and the Artists celebrates Elsa Schiaparelli’s shared creative passion with the twentieth century’s most esteemed artists. Known for her bravado and boundary-pushing dresses, Elsa Schiaparelli is undoubtedly one of the greatest icons of twentieth-century fashion. Serif and sans serif typefaces have articulated a certain landscape among fashion magazines and brands, especially in the beginning of the twentieth-century. The design of the book follows this tradition; the togetherness of the “modern” typefaces such as Didot and Bodoni and the ‘avant-garde’ aesthetic of sans serif grotesque Futura create a juxtaposition within a bold feminine elegance. ​ Schiaparelli pink is used in combination to black and chapter openers feature an ‘avant garde’ typographic arrangement of the artists names and Schiaparelli.