The Horror Show!

The Horror Show! Somerset House

Designed by Barnbrook to accompany the exhibition, The Horror Show! catalogue is constructed with a unique, irregular concertina fold. When closed, this features a “Frankenstein’s monster” face, grotesquely confronting the viewer. Whilst once open, and fully extended, it is revealed that the face is made up of photographs of artworks and cultural figures from in the show. This collaged cut-up is a metaphor for British society; made up of both the mainstream and counter-culture, the two constantly pressing and grinding against each other. The back of the catalogue features the main collage used in the publicity for the show, with the addition of a very important key, so that you understand who everybody is in the image.

Once you have opened the catalogue you are confronted with 3 sections which, as in the show, are designed completely differently from each other with contrasting typography and paper stocks for each. The Introduction section is a dark black and takes its styling from the combined spaces in the show. ‘Monster’ puts on the stinking clothes of Punk DIY. ‘Ghost’ is grey and washed out, never fully materialising on the page. ‘Witch’ is bold, proud, modern and old – daring you to disagree.