The Horror Show!

The Horror Show! Somerset House

The Horror Show! merchandise, designed to accompany the main visuals of the exhibition, continue the visual language of the 2D Graphics used throughout the physical show and catalogue; badges, stickers and notebooks feature the fonts and visuals from each of the three sections of the show – ‘Monster’, ‘Ghost’ and ‘Witch’.

The Tea-towel and Tote Bag feature one of the key symbols of the show; two versions of the two finger gesture. Inspired by a collage within the exhibition which includes both the ‘V’ for victory, used by former divisive British Prime minister Margaret Thatcher to celebrate another landslide victory, and the reversed hand of ‘F*ck off’,  used by punk pioneer Jordan to confront the camera as Punk threatened to destroy that society. The two together work to symbolise the popularity of a British society that has created such a fertile ground for counterculture.