A series of 'real' pictograms for the olympics, released on the occasion of the Athens Olympics 2004. Please note that Virus is in no way affiliated or have received any endorsement from the International Olympic Committee, the organising committees of the Olympic Games or any national Olympic committee.

Olympukes (olympics + puke = olympukes) was born out of the frustration with the pictograms designed for the past few Olympics. They simply do not reflect the true nature of the event, portraying instead some woolly idea of the ultimate in human endeavour with no acknowledgement of the bribery, political manipulation, drug taking and greed behind the event.

Enter Olympukes, real pictograms which wittily take the ultimate designer's commission and accurately reflect the complexity contradictions and skulduggery in the modern olympics.

Olympukes is available for free download for personal (non-commercial) use. To download the font, please create an account, then select the Olympukes non-commercial purchasing option and follow the normal checkout process.