Priori Acute(2010)

The Priori family was originally conceived as a series of typefaces which shared a common core character shape but had different styles. You may already know Priori Sans and Priori Serif, now meet Priori Acute. In 2009 our experiments into three-dimensional letter form design led us to the behemoth Hopeless Diamond, in 2010 the addition of another unfathomable dimension twists the Priori skeleton into the display face, Priori Acute.

Drawing heavily on the visual conceit in the work of the Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher, Priori Acute is a playful exhibit of incongruous perspectives and twisting shapes that fold into themselves tricking the eye to shift the plane. At first glance and at small sizes the effect is subtle and the original letter forms themselves remain intact, retaining the history of British early 20th century typography, which was an inspiration for the original Priori family. But when blown up, the individual Priori Acute characters become beautifully animated and work well in selective situations such as initial caps, short headlines or logo design.