Bastard is a blackletter font drawn with a contemporary eye. Historic forms have been reinterpreted using a set of modular parts and a new aesthetic appropriate to the contemporary technology it was produced on. In recent history these kinds of letterforms have been identified with the Nazis but blackletter type has been central to the development of typography for over five hundred years.

The name 'Bastard' confronts these fascist associations but also refers to its historic basis. Firstly it is not a pure textur or fraktur font, a 'bastard' version of a blackletter face. There is also a blackletter font called 'bastarda' which was around in the 15th or 16th century. In letterpress when a letterform from the wrong font got into a piece of setting it was called 'bastard type'. Lastly, once designed, 'Bastard' seemed to take on a fascist personality because of its modernity it seemed to relate very strongly to the letterforms used by the Nazi party. All Nazi's or people associated with fascism are of course bastards so the name stuck to highlight and work against this association.

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