Originally drawn in the 1960s in Yugoslavia as a logo for the shopfronts of the state-owned clothes company Standard Konfekcija by Vinko Ozic-Pajic. This experimental design has now been reinterpreted with the construction of a two weight typeface - Doublethink Medium and Doublethink Bold Inline.

The name Doublethink comes from the book 1984 by George Orwell. It means “the power of holding two contradictory beliefs, simultaneously, in one’s mind and accepting both of them.” An appropriate name for a font produced in a Communist regime.

Standard Konfekcija itself started off as a military fabric company and then became the first fashion brand in Communist Yugoslavia. It is famous for having the first ever plastic carrier bag in the country - at the time a much coveted item. It was also highly unusual for its use of orange as its main colour, rather than the officially approved red. The shops no longer exist, having all been closed around 2001, after the fall of Communism. There are not many that have mourned the passing of Communism, but Virus can't help feeling that a huge amount of valuable visual culture has been thrown away with everything else.

You can now buy Doublethink Complete as part of the Orwellian Nightmare package which also includes Newspeak complete.