www.remembertibet.org launches


On the occasion of the Beijing Olympics opening this upcoming August 8th 2008, we will be asking people to remember Tibet’s struggle for independence against the undemocratic government of China. China will be in the spotlight and for once cares about what the world thinks about it. We need to act now and raise awareness of this issue.

In today’s world, protest goes beyond borders. We should use our legitimate right to stand up for democracy and freedom of speech. Remember Tibet is where you as a graphic designer, writer, filmmaker or artist come in. Rather than selling stuff, let’s give the creative arts an active role in raising awareness and forcing an issue onto the mainstream political agenda.

The first piece of artwork is an animated film by Jonathan Barnbrook which aims to tell people why they should protest in support of Tibetan Independence. If you are interested in contributing go to www.remembertibet.org